Self care…

We currently place far too much emphasis on the idea of “fixing” other people, instead of focusing on perhaps the most important person in our lives; ourselves. Its so easy to tell your bestfriend, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever that its “going to get better” but how hypocritical does that sound when we can’t actually believe it ourselves. You cant look yourself directly in the eye and tell yourself that its going to be okay.

So we find someone else to help, because doing something good for someone gives us that tiny bit of warmth that might just get us through the day. It gives us that feeling that we’re wanted, needed even. Because helping someone else distracts us for a second, a minute, an hour. It gives us a focus and something to concentrate on throughout the day.

But, who’s there for you, at 2am when you can’t sleep?

Who’s there for you, at 4am when you’re sat on a bathroom floor, not really knowing why you’re there?

Who’s there for you, at 6am when you wake up, panicking, not truly knowing where you are?

All of these people are asleep, and you have that underlying feeling that you’re a “burden” or that you’re going to annoy them if you wake them.

Of course they’ll be there. I’m not saying that they wouldn’t. But if they cant, the only person who is truly on your side at the worst of times would be you. The only person who knows whats going on in your mind, first hand. The only person who truly gets it.

So my note for you all today is: Be nice to yourself. Do something you want to do and treat yourself with all of the love and respect you would give the most special person you know. You’re worth so much, don’t let yourself go.

You got this, I promise you.

Chlo’ xxx

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