What is love?

Love is chilling with someone, in complete silence but simply enjoying their company and feeling safe, purely through knowing that they are there. It’s dancing with someone in the street, with a thousand other people surrounding you and not caring about their stares. Love is doing anything to cheer your person up, even if it makes you look like a complete idiot. Its finding happiness in the small things they do, and accepting them for all of their flaws.

Its about the pride you feel for someone; whether they earn £5 a week, or £50000 a week. Being with someone who isn’t ashamed to hold your hand in public, isn’t afraid to accept your flaws, and isnt afraid to love you endlessly, no matter what. The happiness they make you feel when its your worst day.

Its about placing your head on their chest and hearing the entire ocean, like a child with a shell against their ear. It’s what makes you smile when you’re tired.

Are your palms sweaty? Your heart racing? Do you ache when they feel the slightest bit of sadness?

Think about it…

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