Talking to someone..

For whatever reason, just talking to someone makes us feel a little less isolated, and a little less sad. Its only natural to want someone who hears us, who understands and who can sympathize with what we’re going through.

Its natural to want to know that we are not alone, no matter how lonely we feel. We just want someone to acknowledge how badly we are hurting, but without having that expectation that they are going to make it all better. We don’t want someone to fix us, just someone who cares enough to want to help.

Unfortunately, talking to someone can go many ways.

For example, we’re all familiar with those eye roll-worthy clichés thrown at us when we’re going through a rough patch.

“There are plenty more fish in the sea”

“Just get a few drinks into you.”

“You just need to get laid.”

“If its meant to be, it will be.”

and finally, the whole cliche of karma..

“What goes around, comes back around”

We are all 100% guilty of saying at least one of these. Probably in the last few weeks.

However, occasionally you get someone that wants to help. That one person who wants to try and make it better again. They will sit with you and talk to you about everything that might be going on in your head. Let you rant, let you talk. When you find that person, whether its your parent, sibling, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, whoever. Let them help. Accept the help that is being given to you. No battle is worth fighting alone, and no battle is going to be won on your own.

There is so much importance and worth in letting people in and accepting support. Talk to people, i promise it will be a big help and a big step in recovery. You can do this.

Love always,



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