Moving on..

To be upset about a break-up is okay. To find it difficult to move on from someone is also okay. In fact, its normal. What isn’t okay is making someone feel bad for breaking up with you. Break ups happen and that’s life. You may think that everything is perfect, and that it’s all going to work out but how do you know? What could be perfect one day could be a disaster the next day. The world is constantly changing and your life is also in a constant change. Sometimes those changes are hard and sometimes they might not be what you want, but again, that’s life.

You’ll find happiness in the most unlikeliest of places and when that happens, I promise it won’t hurt as much anymore. One day, you’ll wake up and it wont hurt as much as the day before. It might not be perfect, but it will be better.

I would prefer to not be in a relationship if it was one sided. If I loved someone but knew that they did not love me as much, I wouldn’t fight. Why should you have to prove your worthiness to someone, as much as you want to fight for their acceptance and love? You deserve someone who loves you endlessly and twice as much as you love them. You cant expect someone to love you and you cant expect that it’s going to work out with that one person you thought it would.

I know its also hard when the person you love finds someone else or starts talking to other people. Trust me, I know. I’ve come out of relationships where they have got with someone else less than a few days later and its tough. But you need to accept that and accept the fact that they are going to want to find happiness at some point. It could be days later, weeks later, months later, or years later but whichever it is, it will stab you in the heart a billion times. But it’s never an excuse to make someone feel bad about it. You will find someone who sets a fire in you that will remain for the rest of your life. Even if you have given up on the idea of love and happiness and believe that you won’t find anyone else, there’s someone out there.

Believe in happiness. Believe in other people’s happiness.

Just accept that life will happen how it wants too. Embrace it.




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