One of those weeks..

It’s easy to tell ourselves that our problems don’t matter, and that its easier to keep quiet and just face things as they come. But its okay to accept that you might need extra support more than you did the day before.

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The last few days, I have really been struggling. I’ve felt really low and anxious, and not knowing what to do felt like it was destroying me. The only time that I left my flat was to go to lectures, and even that made me feel super paranoid that something bad was going to happen. Every-time i heard a noise, I would jump and panic, even knowing that it was just my flatmate. The idea of going to the shop would terrify me and I didn’t know when I would stop feeling like this. Going to the shop meant I would jump if someone came near me, which put me off going back. Yesterday, people kept asking if I was okay and I didn’t know how to respond. I wanted to tell them that I wasn’t, but through doing this, I felt as if I was attention seeking, or that my problems did not matter.

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It is important to understand that people actually want to help. We’ll continuously tell ourselves that we will be a burden if we open up about our problems but sometimes, talking is the best thing to do. Whether it is through talking to a doctor, a friend, a partner, or even someone who you never really speak too, talking can help. There’s no point in facing your problems alone, because it won’t do you or your mind any good. It will drive you to insanity, if you’re stuck in your own thoughts.

Reach out for help. If you’re having a bad day, try and do things that take you away from the negativity and do something to cheer you up. Run a hot bath, cook your favorite meal, get a manicure, phone your bestfriend.

You don’t have to face this alone and I am forever grateful to have people who care about me. These last few days have been long and they have felt like they would never end but I’ve learnt the importance of external support as well as doing things to improve your own mental health.

“Its easy to sit and sulk and live in the depression than it is to get up and get out, but happiness is a choice and you deserve that choice, so choose it for yourself.”

If plan A doesnt work, strengthen the importance of plan B and find a way to get what you want and feel how you want to feel.

You got this,

Stay happy,

Chlo’ xxx

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One Reply to “One of those weeks..”

  1. This is 100% great advice. Staying inside your own mind and never receiving another perspective will drive you crazy. I’m the kind of person who gets more and more wound up about something until it makes me feel physically sick. The only thing that helps is being able to vent to someone who’s willing to listen!
    Keep up the great work xx

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