LGBT: You Are Valid.

The other day, I was walking down the road near my flat with the girl that I have recently been talking too. We were holding hands and three young lads, around 18 years old, decided to shout it out and make a thing about it. I don’t see why it is needed, and why people think that it is acceptable? We also passed a few other people and their eyes automatically darted down to our hands, instead of giving us a casual smile which you might do when passing someone else in the street.

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Now, a few years ago this would have particularly bothered me. I was so scared that I was going to be judged for my sexuality and people wouldn’t accept who I was, that i tried to keep it as secret as possible. I wanted to be considered “normal” and there was no way I wanted to stand out from the crowd and be something different.

However, I now couldn’t care less about what people think. Sexuality is the tiniest part of who you are and it shouldn’t matter. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to make it a big deal. Why, in 2017, are people still calling people out on something that might make them a tiny bit different? But say this was two or three years ago. If someone had called me out on my sexuality, I would have hidden away and been embarrassed to call myself gay. I never wanted the attention that sexuality often brings. Being on the LGBT banner means that you’re going to get the odd look every now and then but why should that happen?

Why do people need to do the whole “coming out” ordeal?

Why can’t people just be taught that love is love, and your sexuality doesn’t matter? Who you love, doesnt matter.

As long as you are happy and content in yourself, your relationships and your life, that is all that should matter.

So this goes out to the few people who treat LGBT people as if they are “different.”

It shouldn’t matter what the person identifies as, or who they are attracted too or if they’re not attracted to anyone.

Lesbians, gays, trans people, bisexuals, straight people, asexuals. Whatever you identify as, whatever or whoever you want to be, just live how ever you bloody well want too.. Because if I had listened to anyone who put me down for my sexuality, or made me feel as if I was “different”, I wouldn’t have made it this far and my confidence wouldn’t be as strong as I feel it is now.

You are valid. You’re all valid.

Go be great, and do whatever you want.



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