Moving forward..

Sometimes we get stuck in the things that have happened in our past and it’s hard to move on from those moments. We tell ourselves that we can’t like a certain person because we get caught in the idea that they are going to be exactly like the others and that we’re going to get hurt all over again. We have one bad day and tell ourselves that we’re slipping backwards into old habits and that things are getting bad again. I know for a fact that I am definitely guilty of this. I’ll have a panic attack and think that it is the end of the world, which will cause a lot of bad days in the future. I’ll have a bad confidence day and blame it on the past, which will then impact my current relationship and friendships because I won’t want to be touched at all with the fear that they will turn it against me. Its not easy to be stuck in this mindset but what is even harder, is making yourself get out of it.

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Now, i’m not saying that the past doesn’t matter because that would be a lie. The past has helped shape us into who we are now and its irreversible. It is going to affect you and it is going to cause you to have bad days and it will be on your mind occasionally, as much as we can try to block it out. However, you can’t let it control your future. You can’t let it bring you down to rock bottom because you have come this far and the future is yours now. It’s all yours. Enjoy your life, and let your past prove how strong you are, and how strong you are going to be in the future. It’s okay to remember, its natural. But think about all the good things that could possibly happen and remember that you are always in control. You have survived everything that has happened to you. You’re alive and that is something to be proud of yourself for.

So my message for you all today is:

Think of the event in your life that has made you so happy. Think of something in the future that you are so excited for. The bad days are always worth it in the end, even if it feels as if they override the good days.

“It’s not a bad life. Just a few bad days”.

Speak soon,



Its time to be happy again

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