This Post Is For You.

This blog post is for you.

You’re going through a rough time at the moment, that’s undeniable. It must feel like nothing is going right at the minute. You’re losing people who you thought would be there for the long run, and everything seems to be happening at once. You’re falling down at the moment, and it feels as if you are completely crashing into a place that is hard to get out of again.

You’re facing things that no one your age should have to face. Things that no one at any age should have to face but you’re fighting it. Despite feeling like this, you’re still fighting for something. Now, you might not know what that thing is but hold onto it. Hold onto whatever is keeping you strong right now.

You’re trying to keep on top of everything. Work, relationships, friendships, life. Sometimes its just not possible to be on top of it all the time and sometimes you’re gonna fall.

You can break a year or two of being “clean” and it seems like the end of the world and it seems as if you have let everyone down. Let yourself down. But that’s not true. At the end of the day, you’re still alive and you need to keep telling yourself that. It’s worth cherishing.

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Recently, a few of my friends have been struggling. One has been admitted to hospital, another has been in hospital for what seems like months now, and another has recently gone to the doctor because she has been struggling with her thoughts and you know what? I am proud of all three of them. All three of them are still fighting for that chance to get better and they haven’t given up and myself and many others will not let them give up.

They’re strong. Whatever you are facing in this world, keep going.

Whether it seems like the smallest thing or the biggest thing, don’t let go of the idea of happiness.

You got this.

Chlo xx




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