Where have I been?

My last blog post was posted on the 23rd May so its been a while since I’ve actually posted anything. I would love to have some amazing excuse but the truth is, I haven’t been 100% confident in the content that I have been posting. I mean, its okay. I’m not completely downbeat about what I have been writing but its as if I am just writing for the sake of it.

The view count for my blog has been quickly increasing and seeing this is amazing so I was simply writing about what my readers would enjoy, not what I want to write.

So we’re going to have a change up. 

I’ll post once a week. Still relating to mental health and LGBT and that sort of thing but it will be on my own terms.

I’ll also be posting on my partnership account; Pens and Petticoats which I run alongside 7 amazing young women. We met online and have produced a blog that we are all extremely proud of. These girls are some of the strongest people I know and I am so lucky to have the pleasure of working with them.

Hopefully this content will continue to get better and I’ll enjoy writing so much more in my spare time and you guys will enjoy it as well!

Speak soon,

Chlo x


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