Opening up.

We all understand how difficult it is to open up to someone and to admit that we are struggling. We’ll keep convincing ourselves that we’re okay but it takes one person to ask “are you sure?” and then you drop. You feel your voice cracking as if you know you’re going to cry and you start to realize that maybe you’re not actually 100%.

I cannot explain how important it is to you to talk to people. Even if it is one person. That one person can change your perspective, give you advice on what to do, or simply listen to what you need to say. The other night, myself and a friend had a heart-to-heart about our lives and got a lot off our chest and for that, I cannot explain how grateful I am to her because it allowed me to get things out that I had kept inside for a while. I haven’t known this friend for very long but to be able to help her as well as myself, simply by admitting that maybe things aren’t going to plan right now, helped so much. As well as this, being able to understand her story and allow her to open up also meant the world to me. We both agreed that people need to talk about mental health so much more for something to genuinely happen about it.

(I am so proud of her for talking to me about this, by the way.)

Mental health has so much stigma towards it and this isn’t right at all. The support for mental health is so limited and by not talking about it, less support is going to be available. It is so important to be open about mental health, no matter how difficult that is. Keep sharing your story because you never know who may be able to relate to it and who it may help. One person being open will encourage another person and that may encourage another and so on and so forth. Domino effect.

I want to keep raising awareness and if sharing my experiences is going to help people, even if its only one person, I will be happy. Follow your goals and reach them, no matter how hard it is. Admit when you’re not doing okay and talk to people about how you are feeling.

Together, we can make a difference and the stigma will be reduced. You never know who you could help, just by talking to them about how they’re feeling and how you’re feeling.

You have the ability to save a life.

Why not do it?



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