Happiness is a choice?

“”Its easier to sit and sulk and live in the depression than it is to get up and get out but happiness is a choice and you deserve that choice so choose it for yourself”

I was at a concert when an artist said this to the audience and you could tell that it touched a lot of people throughout the crowd, Including myself. I just want to go into this quote a little deeper and acknowledge what it means. Is happiness really a choice or does it take more than that? For me, I believe it is both.

I believe that you can choose to start making yourself happy and that process will take time. You need to find the things that make you happiest in life and enjoy them as much as possible. It could be a person, a hobby, a sport, anything. I believe that we make our own happiness and we need to start taking control of that, as well as acknowledging that we’re allowed our bad days.

You can’t expect to be okay all the time and we often fail to remember that. We all have our highs and lows, and that’s okay.

All we can do is power through, have a couple bad days and do all that we can to change this around. You can create your own happiness but this doesn’t mean that sadness isn’t an option. Everyone has dealt with something that will have had a profound effect on them but you have made it through that, so I am proud of you

Take control of your happiness because it can be your choice if you want it to be.

Love always,

Chlo x

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