Thoughts of an ENGAGED lesbian????

So, the title says it all. On the 4th August 2018, my girlfriend asked me to marry her at Brighton Pride. It was the best and scariest moment of my life so far but I don’t want to talk too much about the scary stuff, lets talk about how it happened.


We went to Brighton in April for a little getaway together, and it was perfect. We sat on the beach together, played cards and simply had a brilliant time. I have never felt so at peace with someone and it was so nice to not be concentrating on work. We decided on that weekend that it was our place. We HAD to go back.



Then, my birthday arrived. 11th June 2018 – my 21st birthday. My dad bought us both tickets to attend Brighton Pride and had booked us an Air BNB for the weekend. The loveliest little place, just outside of Brighton; a family home.

Skipping forward to the 4th of August, myself and my partner were spending the day on Brighton beach. Surrounded by other like minded people, we swam in the sea, layed out in the 30 degrees heat and burning every part of our bodies. A romantic meal and a bit of shopping later, and we were back at the AIRBNB.. Not for anything sexual, this isn’t that kind of blog, I’m afraid. Instead, we played card games in our underwear, eating quavers. Yep, we are that couple.


“Come sit on the bed with me?” Amy said, to a hot and tired me.

I joined her on the bed and she started a long speech, You know, the stuff you’re supposed to say when you are proposing.. The stuff you are meant to say for the most romantic moment of your life.


“You’re not gonna bloody propose, are ya?” – Chloe Fridd, 2018.

Yep, thats me.

Of course, she told me to shut up and pulled out a ring. “Will you marry me?”

Now, this is the moment where a girl would cry, scream and hug their partner. However, as we have established through this blog, I’m pretty awkward. Instead of all of the typical things you’re supposed to do, I stayed silent for at least an hour before saying yes.

Little old me isn’t the best when it comes to commitment. I’ve had friends, family and past relationships let me down an awful lot, so becoming attached to someone is pretty scary. I’ve been cheated on, bullied by people I classed as friends and messed around by family – therefore committing myself to one person is a scary thought.

However, I SAID YES.


I’m getting married to my best friend.

Take a risk with someone/something, even if you are scared; you never know what may happen.

Speak soon,




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