This blog post was written on a beach.

This blog post was written on a beach in Holland. With a notepad and pen, looking out to the sea. Its a windy day so excuse me if this post is a little short but I wanted to document this moment to prove to myself that my anxiety isn’t everything about me.

You see, strange places and new situations that I havent been able to plan out months in advance scare the sh*t out of me. This decision though, I simply packed a bag with a can of fanta, a chocolate bar, some pens and paper and left the AirBnB. I walked out of the flat, down the street and onto the beach.

I’m here and I’m safe.

I did that.

It may not seem like a big accomplishment to most people but to me, its everything.

I’m not going to edit this post, simply going to type it as I wrote it. So thank you to whoever reads this. Keep celebrating your accomplishments, no matter how big or small you believe they are.

Chlo x42631172_1859354014114113_2356636512226902016_n

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  1. This is a huge accomplishment!

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    1. thoughtsofablogginglesbian says:

      Thank you so much!

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  2. trulylou says:

    The first step is the hardest. Onwards and upwards lovely lady. Might Girls Rock! x


  3. mrspillar says:

    This is a wonderful post. I can almost feel the pride you felt while writing it. Congratulations!


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