As it’s World Mental Health day, I had to write something in celebration of it. I’ve always said that mental health needs to be spoken about a lot more than it already is. Services need more money, more staff and more time with clients that need so much support than can ever be imagined.

The services are strained. People are under so much pressure and with so little understanding of what really matters; improving these individual’s lives.

I have always been honest about my own personal mental health on this blog, but I’m not the best at talking about it in general; in fact, I really struggle with it. Not long ago, my friend came into my workplace, asked if I was okay, and I cried on her. I broke down and she hugged me. I think that was all I needed at that moment, someone who was going to listen to me, tell me that I’m not as “fine” as I have been making out to be and simply hug me. (Shoutout to the other friend, who bought me a chocolate bar. Love you.)


It’s not easy to talk about, I am not going to pretend that it’s the easiest topic in the world but I just want to give you all 5 pieces of advice on this important day…

  1. Look after yourself. Self care is never selfish. You need to be kind to yourself.
  2. Allow yourself to have bad days. Not every day is going to be amazing, but in the same sense, not every day is going to be bad.
  3. Give your friends and family a hug. You never know who is in need of one; you or them or both.
  4. Get some sleep!
  5. Do not just talk about mental health on “Mental Health Awareness Day”. This is something that needs to be spoken about all day, everyday. Not just because it is a trend for the day. Don’t say that you are there for each other, if it’s only for one day a year. Keep talking.

Chlo x


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  1. keyslayy says:

    Experienced depression before and having the best support system is best cure! 💖


  2. I think mental illness is sort of swept under the rug myself. I have horrible anxiety to the point I don’t even like answering the phone at work (and it’s a huge part of my job), I bring lunch so I don’t have to speak into a microphone to give my order, and I always feel like I’m in the way. These are great tips you’ve pointed out too.


  3. Jenna says:

    Great blog 🙂 I totally agree that we shouldn’t just talk about MH on MHD, it should be spoken about openly and freely!

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